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People Analytics

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a method used to examine and analyze the relationships and interactions within an organization.
Gender pay gap analysis involves examining the disparity in earnings between men and women within a specific workforce or across industries.
Job satisfaction analysis is a process aimed at evaluating and understanding the level of contentment and fulfillment that employees experience in their roles within an organization.
Time to Job Satisfaction analysis involves evaluating the duration it takes for employees to experience job satisfaction after joining a new position.
The Employee Well-Being Model analysis is a comprehensive approach aimed at assessing and enhancing the overall well-being of employees within an organization.
Employee Workplace Stress analysis involves the systematic examination of factors contributing to stress among employees within a workplace.


Storytelling with data analysis is a powerful approach that combines the art of storytelling with the insights derived from data analysis to effectively communicate complex information.
Dashboarding analysis involves the creation and utilization of dashboards to visually represent and analyze data for informed decision-making.
Program evaluation analysis is a systematic and objective process designed to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of a particular program or intervention.
Grant writing analysis involves the systematic examination of data to inform and strengthen proposals for securing grants.
Mapping analysis involves the examination and interpretation of spatial data to identify patterns, relationships, and trends within geographic areas.

Data Integration

Data transformation analysis involves the process of converting raw data into a structured and usable format for better understanding and decision-making.

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